Vertain's Speed Reports are free and easy to set up. Show your
customers the speed and uptime history of your website or servers.

Our Speed Report

What is it?

Vertain's Speed Report shows (click here to see an example):

- The weekly uptime and speed of the named server for the last 12 weeks.
- The current status of the server (Up or Down) and how long it has been in effect.

The weekly uptime is the total time, in percent, during which the server was available and accessible, as measured periodically by Vertain's website monitors.

The speed is the weekly average page download time, in seconds, as measured by Vertain's website monitors.

Who needs it?

This report is appropriate for providers of online services who want to differentiate themselves from their competition by showing their current (and prospective) customers the actual uptime and speed history of their servers, measured externally by an independent monitoring service.

It's free, and easy do set up:

- Open a monitoring account to start collecting uptime data right away.
- View the uptime and speed data through your password-protected account.
- When you're ready to show the data, add to your site a link to the report,

The report will then be available for viewing from your site.

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