Website Monitoring Technology

Next generation "virtual customer" browser-based monitoring technology
with multi-page, data-driven scenarios, deep content awareness,
intelligent data entry, real-time alerts and detailed error analysis.

Our Website Monitoring Technology

Multi-page Transaction Monitoring: Most websites are interactive, and are designed to communicate with the user via a number of pages, not just one page. Monitoring such sites requires more than just checking that the server is up and the home page is available. It requires verifying that users can successfully view and interact with a number of pages and accomplish tasks such as purchasing an item, making an airline reservation, or paying a bill. Such verification requires a set of unique detailed specifications that describe the actions that the user is expected to take, and the content that the server is expected to deliver. These are called "monitoring specs".

Script-less Monitoring Specs: Most of today's multi-page monitoring tools use computer programs (called "scripts") to specify monitoring specs, and thus require trained programmers to set up and maintain. Vertain's monitoring tools, on the other hand, use a unique data-driven technology, in which monitoring specs are entered or modified through familiar data entry forms, and stored in a database. The advantage of this technology is that non-programmers can specify even the most complex monitoring specs, therefore the cost of monitoring is lower.

Browser-based Monitoring: To accurately duplicate the end users' experience and eliminate false alerts and other issues related to cookies, security and Browser peculiarities, we monitor your website through a standard Web Browser, just as your users and customers do.

Content and Timeout Monitoring: We monitor all types of problems that effects users and customers, not only server availability. We keep track of timeouts and content errors, and problem recovery time.

Error Stage Monitoring: An important factor influencing the user experience during multi-page transactions such as travel reservation and retail checkout, is the stage in the transaction when the problem occurs. Vertain is the only monitoring service currently measuring and tracking this important parameter.

External Monitoring: We monitor your website from our own computers, eliminating the need to install any hardware or intrusive software agents on your own server. Monitoring from outside your firewall more accurately reflects the experience of users accessing your server from outside the firewall.

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