Webmaster Robot Information

  Webmaster Robot Information

The purpose of this page: This page is intended for Webmasters of sites visited by MoniQA for collecting benchmark information. The purspose of the page is to clarify issues related to MoniQA's automated visits to such sites, as recommended in the document Standard for Robot Exclusion (see: www.robotstxt.org/wc/norobots.html).

Industry Benchmarks: MoniQA is continuosly collecting performance information on selected Web sites for our industry benchmarks (such as the eTailer Index and the eService Index). This information is collected at our own expense, and is available on our Web site as a public service. MoniQA collects this information by visiting the benchmarked sites once every hour, and the additional traffic generated by MoniQA's visits is insignificant.

How to receive Alerts: Webmasters and other persons associated with the benchmarked sites may receive by email, at no charge, the alerts generated when MoniQA encounters errors while visiting these sites. To become a recipient of such alerts please email us your request to help[at]vertain.com. Please note that as an Alert Recipient you'll be able to access historical and statistical benchmark information not available to the public.

Additional Services: In addition to the benchmarks, we offer a range of monitoring services. To open your own free monitoring account click here.

How to exclude your site from the benchmarks: If you wish us to stop monitoring your site for the above benchmarks, please let us know by email to help[at]vertain.com. Alternatively, follow the procedure described in the document Standard for Robot Exclusion (www.robotstxt.org/wc/norobots.html), and add to the file "robots.txt" on the root directory of your Web server lines similar to the example below:

  User-Agent: moniqa.vertain.com
  Disallow: # list of files to disallow

Comments and Feedback: Please email your comments and feedback to help[at]vertain.com.
Thank you.

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